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How Real Is Virtual Reality Truely

2016 certainly seems promising for virtual-reality. Consumers expect such a wide variety of kinds of headphones that swear to give the customers of digital reality a run for their cash. But you know what? There’s a lot more! Tokyo-based firm H2L has declared its fresh palm virtual-reality apparatus that supply and should mimic its consumers […]

Virtual Reality is for Porn – wanna bet?

Each time someone finds out that I have a Oculus Rift at home there is two things I will count on. That they are going to ask me yes, and if I get motion sick, I do. And this occurs without fail–that the individual I am speaking to will make a joke about watching oculus […]

VR porn: Sex in the third dimension

With special glasses, you become the actor yourself in virtual reality sex movies. Our author tried out VR porn: Is it real competition to reality? I’m sitting in a bare, uncomfortable waiting room when the announcement goes out in English that all further appointments will be postponed for an hour. The good-looking guy sitting across […]

Its kind of a big deal!

While the rest of the world is taking its time catching-up to the fast growing VR pornography revolution, there is at least one xxx film service out there that’s been paving new ground, boldly adopting the technology and laying the foundation for the future of adult entertainment, and that future is (formerly called! […]

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