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Bitcoin rate in Iran has not risen to 24,000 dollars

Badly researched or copied news has a big drawback: it is prone to errors. Thus, in the meantime, the rumor has spread that the killing of the Iranian General Ghassem Soleimani and the subsequent uncertainties have caused the Bitcoin price in Iran to rise to 24,000 or even 29,000 dollars. That would shake the market and all related BTC niches like gambling, many BTC sites like already stated that this is fake news! Continue reading

Augmented reality goggles: Not yet for the masses, but for corporates

A pair of glasses that constantly scan the environment and recognize people for their wearer? Glasses that replace the smartphone to make video calls everywhere? Glasses that can be used to play games? For several years now, augmented reality headsets have been regarded as a future technology that should inspire the masses.

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Bitcoin course: When the bulls left the forest

The mood on the crypto market is still tense. The Miner capitulation still threatens, while China continues to spread anti-bitcoin sentiment. The situation on Wednesday. Continue reading

VPN without logfiles! How can I recognize VPN providers that do not save logs?

1) VPN providers often need log files for maintenance and tariffs.

Almost every VPN service advertises: “Do not save log files”. However, in most cases this is just an advertising statement that is imprecise and can deceive ignorant users. For technical reasons, most VPN providers have to store log files (i.e. protocols) of user login times (login, use, logoff, IP address of the user). It would not otherwise be possible to implement tariffs with limited use of a certain number of devices, according to duration, limited amount of data, etc. Continue reading

Election Tokens In Australia To Change Democratic Politics

Sydney’s Flux Party proposes utilizing a Bitcoin-established strategy to conserve democracy. The tokens that are digital will soon be given to dole out the will of the voters with their elected officers.

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What is a VPN?

man-475557_960_720The provider uses bank-level encryption for each one of our customers’ advice; we do not make do with anything not just the greatest security accessible to us. It is indisputable that due to people’ security demand and especially because of this of the demand of sending scrambled advice above a system, the VPN invention was created. Continue reading

Career in IT Networking

network-889354_960_720Today, businesses require several computers to perform various tasks. So it’s a standard practice on the list of present day organizations to link and network multiple systems to facilitate advice and data sharing. In the event you are residing in Detroit and researching alternatives to develop a lifetime career INSIDE, you will get money-making work in constructing and maintaining computer networks.

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TechHub Widens Its Google Partnership To The East

Britain-based work-space and start-up community TechHub continues to be a global business for quite a while, but today it’s expanding its partnership with the company of Google — as well as the software of Google for Entrepreneurs — in to three new states: Romania, Latvia and the State of India.

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Bitcoin – It Seems To Be Calm Before The Storm

Electronic currency future is suggested by Bank of Britain

Bank of England Chief Economist Andrew Haldane indicated a swap to electronic money that was centrally released might function as future, mentioning the necessity to support financial development. “What I believe is now fairly apparent is the transaction technology embodied in [electronic money] Bitcoin has genuine potential,” he stated. “Work on monetary authority-released electronic currencies forms a center portion of the bank’s present re search program.

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The Valve VR Headset Produced By HTC

The Valve VR Headset is returning. It’s is created in partnership with High Tech Computer Corporation and named the Vive. In the following article, I include that which we understand up to now.

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